Rail Transport

We offer reliable freight transportation services, adapted to the needs of each client, at competitive prices.

We have a diversified fleet of wagons and locomotives, enabling us to satisfy any rail transport demands. We own wagons for a large range of goods, from petroleum products and coal, to cereals and containerised goods. Likewise, our fleet includes both electric and diesel locomotives, permitting us to perform transports throughout the Romanian railroad infrastructure.

We provide transportation for any volume of freight, from single wagons to block trains. Given that we operate a fairly large number of trains every day, we are often able to optimize transport costs for varied quantities of goods travelling on different routes.

Although we currently only use our own locomotives for services provided mostly on Romanian territory, we also conduct international transports in partnership with foreign railroad operators. Hence, we can provide end-to-end transportation services for any transport route.


As an authorized shunting operator, we provide shunting services on public and private railroads in Romania, as well as at the borders with all neighboring countries.

Our fleet includes both normal and broad gauge locomotives, enabling us to operate unrestrictedly at the Romanian borders with Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

We can provide services either with our own rolling stock or with the customer's hauling equipment, depending on the customer's preference.

The shunting operations we offer include:

  • Composition and decomposition of trains
  • Composition and decomposition of shunting convoys and hauling in railroad complexes
  • Insertion and removal of wagons to/from loading/unloading areas (bunkers, ramps, dumpers etc.)
  • Adjustment and repositioning of wagons at loading/unloading areas
  • Sorting of wagons by type (type of goods, type of wagon, destination, customer etc.)
  • Any other specific operations requested by the customer

Freight Forwarding

We provide integrated transportation solutions for rail or multimodal freight, on national as well as international routes.

Our services are usually requested when there is a fairly large quantity of goods to be shipped, repeatedly or individually, on routes involving a significant part of railroad.

We do our best to be a trustworthy partner to our customers by responding promptly to their logistics needs with efficient and reliable solutions, at fair prices.

As a freight forwarder, we provide the following services:

  • We offer consultancy on the transport logistic in pre-contractual stages, helping the customer to choose the most efficient transport solution, that is adapted to their needs
  • We make inquiries and negotiate with freight carriers on behalf of the customer to minimize transport costs
  • We draw up customs papers and handle all customs clearance formalities for goods under a customs regime
  • We monitor all shipments throughout the transport, notifying the customer accordingly
  • We see to it that the transport is carried out efficiently and on time, taking full responsibility for the quality of the entire transport

Terminals in Romania

As a member of Unicom Group, we have access to group's freight terminals, situated in the following locations:

In our terminals, we offer transhipment and/or storage of various types of liquid and solid goods.

The terminals in Halmeu, Dornești and Galați are situated in key junction points between standard gauge and wide gauge railways; in these terminals we have both standard and wide gauge railroad access.

An added advantage of the Galați and Turnu Severin terminals is that they are located on the bank of the Danube river and are equipped for operations with barges and other vessels.

For more information on the equipment and facilities available in each of our terminals, please visit this page.

Rolling stock maintenance

We provide revisions and repairs for a variety of locomotives and wagons in our workshop, located in Fetesti.

We have the necessary equipment and certifications for performing planned revisions, intermediate revisions (roll-by and brake) and accidental repairs (current repairs and accidental damage repairs) for freight wagons, as well as revisions and repairs for electric and diesel locomotives.

Railroad activities outsourcing

We provide outsourcing of operations for rail yards, terminals and factories.

As a company that has specialized in rail operations for over 20 years, we have accumulated resources and expertise in the field. This enables us to manage railroad infrastructure, rolling stock and the associated personnel efficiently.

As a result, our customers are often able to achieve improved operational efficiency and lower costs by outsourcing their railroad activities to us.

Our railroad activities outsourcing service includes:

  • Maintenance of railroad infrastructure and rolling stock
  • Obtaining/extending of all necessary permits and authorizations
  • Safe and efficient performance of all railroad operations, at advantageous rates
  • Responsiveness and adaptability to our customer’s needs

Freight wagon rental

Depending on availability, we rent freight wagons from our own fleet to other rail operators and forwarders.